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Roseview: Reloaded

(the saga continues)

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A group of friends at a bizarre New York boarding school.
Roseview Academy was a very unique school indeed. A pair of midgets from Japan originally built it in 1817. They were the finest architects of their time, but sadly, history has forgotten them. As they tended to build things at half-scale, it took until 1856 before the school was finally completed. The first headmaster was Kinomoto Roseview, who was Japanese, but enjoyed sounding French. He quickly set the school's high standards of excellence. For the past 146 years the school has produced clear-minded, intelligent, and well-adjusted young people, as well as numerous schizophrenics.

And so it began back in 2002. Roseview Academy, a quirky prep school in upstate New York, has for better or worse gotten hold of the minds of mercuriazs and tafadhali, and shows no signs of letting go. You are more than welcome to come along with us as we go back to Jack, Benny, Mark, Melissa and Juliet's freshman year at this peculiar learning institution, and follow them up until ... oh, we have no idea. We did an episode that took place ten years in the future. Sheesh.
benny bryce, drama, friends, gbsa, getting into college, jack sullivan, jack/benny, juliet greene, magical realism, mark rogers, melissa garibotti, melissa's nervous breakdown, miller/orlando, not wearing dresses, passing, plays, ramen, roseview academy, sibling rivalry, sleeping in class, spencer hall