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Roseview: Reloaded

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Art: Regretful!Melissa [Dec. 13th, 2007|03:10 am]
Roseview: Reloaded


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[Current Music |Why Can't the English?//My Fair Lady]

I figure if we're going for "remorseful," Melissa is far and away our best bet. She has Puss-in-Boot eyes! (Hidden by bangs, but, you know. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME.)

This is just a quick note from Taf to say that, um, as y'all (you very small y'all) might have guessed, this semester has kicked my and Merc's asses and Roseview has fallen by the wayside. We were possibly foolhardy trying to make solid plans when Merc could never have predicted how time consuming her college schedule would be and when I could have no way of knowing that this semester would truly be the semester from hell.

We haven't given up on Roseview, but we're talking about making it a vacation-only project.

I mean. We weren't just talking about it, but I'm in finals and wanted to procrastinate by doodling Melissa, so I decided to randomly announce it now.