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Roseview: Reloaded

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Profiles: The GBSA, September 2001 [Sep. 23rd, 2007|04:48 pm]
Roseview: Reloaded


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Emma Bonner and Elijah Yoshida, Roseview's wackiest sophomores (there was an official poll), co-founded the GBSA during their freshman year. These fanatical straight allies enjoy eating Ben & Jerry's, watching musicals, painting each other's fingernails, and wishing they were fabulous enough to be gay. They're each other's heterosexual life partners only without, you know, being heterosexual together. That'd be weird.

Judy Cunningham is Roseview's newest recruit from the United Kingdom. She misses real chips, Manchester United, and people who speak proper English, but she's found a community in Roseview's GBSA. Judy is up for all hijinks, escapades, and shenanigans.

Though James has always boasted (not entirely unjustly) of having movie star good looks, he's getting tired of all the Spiderman jokes. He'd like to protest that he came first, but it's not really true. James joined the GBSA for Judy, but he stayed for the gays.

Mary joined the GBSA to advocate for gay rights, discuss queer issues in the context of Roseview Academy and New York state, and come to terms with her bisexuality. She, uh, stayed because she figured if she stuck it out long enough she could outlast Emma and Elijah? We mostly feel bad for Mary.


Grace, a shy, unassuming middle-schooler, has yet to join the Upper School-restricted GBSA or, for that matter, show interest in any club or extracurricular activity. All that will change this year.

(...We Grace.)

(And there's Eric, but he's in 8th grade and isn't in this season, so I'll leave him aside for now.)