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Art: Michelle Gellar and Pining!Benny [Aug. 28th, 2007|03:12 am]
Roseview: Reloaded


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First, Michelle Gellar, the Student Council secretary and Sophomore representative, who has a heart competitive streak as big as all outdoors. She's probably already kicked your ass.

Second, what can more or less be counted a preview for 1.04 ("Benny").  Nothing gives me greater joy than pining!Benny and oblivious!exhibitionist!Jack. The conversation between Merc and me went basically as follows:

Taf: And Jack is all unembarrassed and NAKED ALL THE TIME
Taf: Because he has, like, FIVE THOUSAND SIBLINGS
Taf: And Benny's all "I hate life"
Taf: And takes to changing in Mark's room, because this is SO NOT HAPPENING
Merc: ahahahaha yes

In the background: a poster for "Fight Club", which Jack made his older brother Tim take him to nine times in theatres; Batman and Robin, kicking it old school.

(Benny isn't really about to cry; he just hates God.)